Plasma Conjurer bleed synergy

So plasma have increase damage against bleed, but for some reason my plasma weapon doesn’t deal increase damage to bleed enemies. My normal plasma magic does however. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

probs just an imbuement nerf

but it doesn’t make sense tho, since I’ve seen on youtube and in game where they use crystal conjurer and they would get increase damage on each of their M1 and skills due to bleed

Currently either a bug or intentional(unknown)

But having a synergy that removes the status effect(in this case plasma removing bleed) makes it not do the synergy

I see. I also looked at the balancing changes docs and saw this. Does it mean they will fix it or something?
Screenshot (2980)
The one that says “Apply bleed”

It says (might be bugged) so I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but ya that’s what it’s for

Plasma is in a really bad state for Conjurers, as the damage multiplier is 0.775x, which means you’re doing ~22% less damage than un-imbued, and ~10% less if the bleed synergy worked properly

wait isn’t plasma’s dmg multiplier is 0.8x? + 20% when bleed it will be 1x wouldn’t it?

Last I checked it was 0.775x, maybe it was buffed. Assuming it’s 0.8x, and if bleed synergy worked, you would end up with 0.96x of the base damage. However, bleed synergies appear to be incredibly bugged ATM and don’t seem to actually work with imbued attacks

Imbued weapons dont inflict bleed too
Bleed is replaced with the elemental effect