Play as your avatar gamepass

What if there was a gamepass that let you play as your roblox avatar instead of making one?

What are your thoughts?

Nope nope nope nope nope. Would easily break the aesthetic of the game, and something tells me it would easily break AO/WoM


that’d look so shit

having people in similar clothing and one dude wearing a fucking drip goku jacket


Amogus with shadow magic

Furries with lightning

Trolls using wood

Fricking gangsters shooting gold everywhere

Perfect gaem

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@sutarpratinum he’s talking about you


Joseph cosplayers with yellow lightning and sunlight


yeah you can just do that in the game

I mean, I know the idea is bad but.

It would be pretty awesome to see a troll destroy a furry with wood ngl

Or some cringe freebie winning smile avatar with shadow

How do destroy the game’s immersion 101.

yeah im sure you can do that in game as well, just not how you imagined/like it to be

I’m pretty sure when WOM was really early in testing (when solid magics had gravity) you could play as your avatar

@BNTarwarn Trigno cosplay

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now imagine that fighting an emo loser with shadow vs you with chad crystal

this sums it up



Ah yes, Lord Buckethead.

wait he is real? I thought he was a dark soul character.

first, no, can’t see it happening

second, isn’t this a sneaky way to bypass the #suggestions closure?