Play'd station five'd

Got me one of those there “newfangled” console machines just in time for Elden Ring :flushed:

long live wii


No Eshop having ass console

Elden ring


I’ve got one and I love it for the exclusives and indie platform that it’s got going but I’m too much a fan of From Soft to say it’s my fav… also these cloud Kingdom Hearts game hurt me down to my core.

that what I’m sayin!!! ELDEN RING

Elden Lords

Love me some lords, of the cinder variety

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Bro, when is Dark rings coming through :pensive:

nah im waiting for light souls to drop

Miyazaki really has a word bank of like 20 words that he mixes up in a word soup and calls everything, and I love it.

Gwynite spotted opinion denied.

Claim your “i still use ps4” token here

god of war

god of war

god of war

cannot wait for god of war ragnarok