[Player Profession] Trainer

[Player Profession] Trainer
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Trainer Profession

Simply put, this player’s job is to teach and train NPCs. Any time the player comes across a procedurally generated NPC on their “side” of Fame that is a lower level than them, they can train them to become stronger. Perhaps this involves a sparring match.

Here are a list of possible effects that training NPCs could have:

  • The NPC’s level increases.
  • The NPC moves to another location after being trained.
  • If the NPC is a Marine or an Assassin, their position could increase as a direct result of the power you’ve gifted them.
  • If the NPC is a Deckhand, they can only be trained by their captain. However, training them might increase the ship bonuses they give.


If you train the same NPC 3 times, they become your Disciple (similar to how Rivals work). They adopt your style of fighting (equip a weapon of the same type as one of your weapons, learn one of your fighting styles/magics). Like defeating your Rival, training your Disciple would have increased rewards.

Unlike Rivals, which spawn at random when the player is in the server, a Disciple only spawns when you’re significantly stronger than they are.


A good teacher is one who learns from their students. As such, training NPCs would provide a lot more XP than Galleons. Disciples could grant such items as:

  • Equipment that they’re wearing
  • Treasure Charts
  • Lost Spell/Technique Scrolls, claiming they “don’t quite get it, but you might”

i can have two permanent npcs with me aside from the story characters. awesome.

10/10 idea bro i love it, doubt we’ll get it since vetex is probably prioritising the story but this would be such a cool addition :pray:


idk about making this a profession since all info about those is likely super outdated but sounds sick


sounds neat

Not as a profession but it’s an interesting idea


I love this idea.


this could be a way to add some unique content to this profession, such as unique spells/skills (fighting style scrolls or weapons with unique skills) that your disciple could give you after enough training, as a reward (not limited to this, but it would be one of the most efficient ways to get them)

a interesting idea would be where the game “Loans” you a high-tier fighting style/technique
and then you spar with the person you are training to both teach them and also at the same time also learn the basics of the fighting style

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