Please Allow us to Paint Archaic Hulls

Please Allow us to Paint Archaic Hulls
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I just find it stupid and pointless why we can’t even paint archaic hulls. It makes identifying our ship a pain because we have to practically break our necks to look up at the sails/ship name to know it’s ours. It would be super simple to add in and it wouldn’t hurt anyone or take much time at all, why can’t we paint them? One of the things I really liked about the ships in this game was the ability to customize them and this takes away a huge part of that.

archaic hull literally turns your ship into a moving sunken ship

You can paint it but the colors are darkened and dulled by the “archaic” texture over your whole ship.

Maybe a better rewording of this suggestion would be “let us paint archaic hulls brighter or lessen the amount of ‘archaic-ness’ on our ship”.

I can understand your minor grievances though, and this change should be added in some way.

Your choice to use it; I’d rather have the drip than the stats (chose Bronze Framing)

what is the point when painting ships in general without gamepass is bland af

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I feel like an alternative to this would be adding vanity for ship hulls instead.

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