Please make sensing and or flaunt a top priority

When I listened to the videos pre-AO I thought, sensing would be so cool. And I’m glad it’s still there on the todo and I’m ok with that but. When I was reading the flaunt idea for the upcoming future. I thought why not so it sooner, this would be really cool for not only it’s being unique to every magic, but maybe it could be special weapon or strength flaunts to. So I believe that it should be done sooner than later because it’s so cool. I would love to see it and I think the community will too. Thanks -Elmo

Just because its cool doesn’t mean it should be prioritized over other stuff

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You are right I apologize

I just thought the flaunting would be a cool lil quality of life update everyone could enjoy

True but I feel like there should be better stuff like more endgame content

You are correct but I just hope it comes sooner then late may, perhaps they can work on it on the side

I mean it can’t take longer than the dark sea update right?

Vetex is a solo developer so I’m afraid to say that It’ll take a good chunk of time before sensing and other quality game details gets to be added, unfortunate I know.

Just let him take his time honestly, anything for a game I love.

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