Pls help pls

Trying to log into my account from PC and

maybe you got some weird vpn idk

Are you talking about the AO forums?
Try changing your password from the device you were previously using and then use the new password to log in from your PC?

Deja vu

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Just go to the original IP Address ez :nod:

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Put this into site feedback and sent you a password reset email using some mod magic.
Let me know if it worked or expired and needs sending again, or if I messed something up, I never did this before so there’s always that possibility…


So I did.
But then I got logged out.
So I tried logging back in.

Then I tried making a different account

I managed to log back in using mobile data.
Luckily I can connect my phone to my PC, switch offs it’s internet, and link the mobile data from the phone to PC.
But why the fuck is it like this anyways?
Was it because I made 3 alts some time ago?

I just had the extremely big scare of being locked from the forums

Unless those alts were permabanned, it’s likely some restrictions put in place by your internet provider.

Those alts weren’t even allowed to exist.
Also my IP is in Poland for some reason

Why is it in Poland? Do you live there or are you using a VPN?

I live in UK.
Wait no that was there wrong VPN.
It’s in a county away from me.

sounds like a mod issue

stop being brit*sh and maybe the machine spirit will be pleased :flushed:

If it were because of the alts, then I don’t think you would be able to connect at all.
Probably not the ISP too because, again, they should block you from accessing the site completely if that were the case.

It needs some looking into which I could do later today, might be a simple thing hidden away somewhere or a site breaking bug with discourse/one of the plugins, really can’t say right now.

The best answer on here is probably the machine spirit one, chant some High Gothic and burn incense and it might go away or something.