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wdym, what happened to funky friday

funky friday got partnered by the sonic speed simulator devs and is getting official sonic stuff and monetization without asking fnf devs for permission, which i’m p sure is not ok even with fair use perms. resultingly fnf devs are consulting their lawyers over what they should do along with clearing up confusion about ff being official.
video relating to that:

oh if you don’t want the drama, ff updates are painfully small when compared to other fnf clones due to the partnership, at least from what people have said.


This is a good example for why you should always stay original guys :+1:

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good example of why partnering with gamefam ruined the game

holy shit

this is the best thing that has happened so far 2022

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not only that, the devs of SSS, gamefam, DONT treat their employees well, to say the least.
#SonicSweatshopSimulator has literally been trending on twitter for the last two days to critisize gamefam for that, which is deserved.

oh and they also put this MORE-than-half-assed ‘‘statement’’ on their official twitter.
they legit disabled replies.

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