Point in Hating Clan once AO Comes?

We all know that as a part of the Guild Revamp in AO, you’re unable to gain any infamy off clan-claimed islands, along with infamy gain only revolving around those specifically in guilds as well. Therefore, for those people who choose to stay Clanless, would there still be a valid reasoning to have a disliking for guilds once AO comes out?

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Not really, the hate would just be turned to rkers who don’t even kill for a reason

The only reason I can think of is excessive advertising in global messages like what White Lotus and Exalted were infamous for, but that’s still fairly small.

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there are still a ton of other possible reasons why guilds can be hated, mainly because of:

the community off platform or in game

excessive advertising

and maybe alt farming too

you cant alt farm anymore brosky


no infamy gain with kills bruh

oh :fr:

okay well there’s still the other 2 reasons I guess

also maybe fatherless behaviour in the fact that people gank for no reasons a lot too

At most I could see clanless being spiteful towards clans due to being in the crossfire. They may not be deliberately targeted but that doesn’t exactly mean they’re safe either. Just about the only reason I could see why.

There are people that gank for no logical reason, but I find it extremely unlikely that there’ll be clans that recommend doing so to unaffiliated players on a large scale.

Possibly hating clans for taking your camp off an island you wanted to be at? Even that isn’t very huge in the grand scheme of things since you can place it somewhere else on a nearby island. Other than that, maybe there will be some clan that’s extremely overprotective of an island they’ve claimed and all the members are super aggressive, which means they all try to fight you if you get near the island.

I can imagine it happening occasionally

“pvp training” :fr:

That wouldn’t be a very effective or logical way of training though to kill whoever’s in the line of sight with a whole squad.

idk man I could see it happening tho

don’t forget like kids who don’t have anything better to do

tbh this way of infamy gaining is kinda shit, i hope vetex changes it. Because just sitting on a island doesn’t require skill or anything. You can literally hit leaderboards by going on a alt account and then going on another account in a 0 player server to get to the leaderboards.

You’ll need skill to defend your island from other clans trying to claim it, it’s not like you can just afk and chill

You can’t claim an island unless there are at least 10 players and one other clan in the server

i highly doubt u need that much skill to defend ur island from randoms, and you can always just server hop

by that logic it doesnt require much skill to rk randoms like in wom

since when did it require skill? also they should make the infamy system like wom. So you can only get infamy off experienced players

okay but then some people don’t wanna really pvp or get ganked by like 7 people on one boat while their minding their own business or trying to play the storyline so like although island claiming is pretty mid it’s much better than getting infamy from kills.

or how about maybe there’s a compromise in which killing a non guild member on a claimed island grants a little infamy

just for clarification you can’t claim main storyline islands right? Like I’m not gonna see suncringe claim the entire of frostmill or ravenna or something (pretty sure frostmill is a main storyline island right?)