Poison magic or ash magic


it doesn’t matter

just man up

I’ve been cured.

I’m gonna also use my gravity/shatter/glass/wind/ice mess mage file first

like seriously what kinda theme is that lol

:glass_magic: :wind_magic_var1: :ice_magic_var4:

very dull color theme tbh

(dull as in not being bright)

we have shards… we have… air… and… ice…



no, no.

I mean my lost and ancient magics are gonna be gravity and shatter (keeping glass)

stronk theme

(shatter magic seems more like a “punchy” magic imo)

I wanna use glass on my mage file but I dunno what magics to use with it :thinking:

apparently :magma_magic: :ice_magic_var4: :glass_magic: is a thing that works surprisingly well

fires big cousin, earpain, and water’s son

very pog

we should take this to DMS we are flooding the topic

Ash if:
You want to have AOE

Poison if:
you can aim


Poison magic: “i’m dying”

Ash magic: cough magic