Poison magic or ash magic

Whats the difference between these two because it seems like there the same almost

They both have damaging clouds, but Poison has a DoT while ash doesn’t. Poison has a lower impact damage (but technically higher overall damage cause of DoT), Ash has better synergies and also can Petrify opponents if they’re burning or charged.

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  • poison has much lower damage than ash in turn for dot
  • ash attack sizes are higher
  • poison clouds be lit up by plasma or fire attacks (damages the poison user)
  • poison clouds can be shrunk by wind attacks

Ash is more along the lines of “I’m very big, I leave clouds that deal damage, I have a lot of heat based synergies, but my impact damage is rather mediocre and I have a below average clash”

Poison is more along the lines of “I’m average sized, I also leave clouds that deal damage, but they can be ignited, for some reason that doesn’t increase damage, but makes it so the caster of the cloud can be hurt too (stupid I know), I don’t have a ton of notable synergies, my impact is the lowest in the game, but I apply a poisoned effect and coupled with my cloud damage and the AO DoT rework I am by technicality the highest damage magic in the game.”

TL;DR: ash is a good support magic for heat based magics, poison is a very high risk high reward magic with notable flaws but is extremely powerful when it comes to damage.

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as said, Ash is the quintessential support magic and unlike Poison its clouds are not affected by clashes (they have no interactions with wind or heat magics) coupled with bigger hitboxes and base impact for no DoT. i love it for the visuals and pure zoner-support playstyle

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oh yeah also poison clouds can be removed by wind based attacks.

lol poison clouds are shit I know :frcryin: it do be like that doe

i am trying to decide between ash or poison so i can be a support build (one of those magics, a healing magic, and im going conjourer)

Poison is badass, ash is just kinda cool ig :person_shrugging:

i would go poison
dot is getting indirectly buffed in ao so poison users eating well next month
theres no reason to go ash since ash literally only exists as a synergy magic and you’re going healing magics as a second

well i was planning on going water first, ice or lightning, then electron or healing sooo

ash is also just really bad ngl

Ash actually looks pretty cool now, and it seems pretty good out of viability’s sake

please refrain from communicating for the next 5 minutes to reassess your clearly incorrect opinion.

it was literally designed to be a buff magic for other magics, if it’s only good as a synergy i dont consider it a good magic

ash is literally one of the biggest magics in the game :skull:

also clouds are really good for area control

and the damage is mediocre but it’s not awful

every other big magic is better besides earth though

but why would you use it over poison for area control when poison is just better

0.85 no dot is pretty damn awful what you mean bro :skull:

The thing with The TGR is that you can get intensify items with poison which makes the clouds bigger

stop the earth disrespect god damn :skull: earth is still good

yeah I guess so, but ash may be good for something like thermo fist if it works like a heat based magic

same as lightning, lightning is fine.

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but lightning breaks ice and is fast though isnt it? also synergises with multiple things

true, but lightning is small and like ash doesn’t really have any good damage, but it’s still a good magic nonetheless.