Pokemans thread

pretty vanilla question, for me it’s ditto because he’s just cute and fun

Dragapult for some reason



Bro you like magma so much your favorite pokemon is a magma based one?

Lmao that part was mostly a coincidence, about 10 years ago I bought my first set of pokemon cards and it was a set that featured Groudon. He was the most powerful and coolest one in the deck so naturally became my favourite

I think I still have the card somewhere around my house, hope i haven’t lost it.

Edit: idk why I said 10 years ago. I meant when I was 12, not 2012



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Oh okay i understand now

Uhh the one that comes to mind is genesect

garchomp >>>

Probably Pheromosa. Competitively I like it’s role as a powerful wall breaker and a potential sweeper given it’s Beast Booth ability. It’s rapid spin didn’t hurt it either. Aesthetically I really like the design, never thought a cockroach-inspired pokemon could look so good. It’s shiny form is one of my favorites as well, can never go wrong with some black.

Overall a pretty good pokemon and one of the first I used when dabbling in competitive pokemon.


Claydol is pretty dear to my heart

ooh thats unique

fwuffy cloud birb

Garchomp is pretty cool and I personally like solgaleo and zygarde too


gardevoir (:face_exhaling:)

i really do like shiny mega gardevoir though. i hope they bring back mega evolutions one day

My favorite pokemon is Wobbuffet
not cause it’s busted or anything but because it’s such a silly and fun pokemon

10/10 on the hug scale

Ok guys so this means that Divanochi is under 21 years old


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