Poll about Josh Cutlass

people flag post cause i used fuck too much i guess… lol?

basically josh cutlass bad and yucky

oh and they also tried to guilt trip me into thinking they’re chill

lol, must suck

Who is they?

he make me angy!!!

the guy saying shadow ascension

hiding near the exiled then ganking people that try kill him is a fun thing to do

he failed to protect it tho lol. i had the magical exiled tracker that allowed me to actually kill him

:open_mouth: I think I’ve seen him before

y’know what… depending on his reputation, bodyguard the said boss until he shows up and then start shitting the fuck outta him
of course you’re gonna need like 4 scouts in trees 300m away from 4 corners to inform, that is if hes in game

Sure he might be a horrible person but ngl he has some nice stuff in his inventory.

Holy shit Josh Cutlass is a fucking genius

Imagine hiding in exiled.

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oh no my post go bye bye