[ POLL ] You have to kill one of The AO Gang, who will you choose?

You had no other choice and have to kill one of them. Who would you guys choose? I’m curious and wanna know since almost everyone loves The Gang

  • Morden
  • Neviro
  • Iris

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all my homies hate neviro


showed up once, was all edgy and depressing, then decided to be the noble savior and got folded in an instant.


Who picked morden?

Morden’s the OG
Iris is irreplacable

someone has to take the fall here and it ain’t gonna be those 2

morden is MC freind
Iris-chan being Iris-chan
so uhh… yea

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Morden is def a bottom look at how he styles his hair he def gotta go

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I feel like Neviro is one of the weaker parts of the group. Tbh i forgot who he was for a bit until I remembered him from the sky islands. Like you encountered Morden tons of times in the game especially at Fort Talos. You fight Iris and help her in the sky islands. Neviro tells you where the order is and from my memory thats about it… Im not saying hes a bad character but hes definitely one of the more forgettable ones.


you say that like it’s a bad thing

neviro is literally dead weight
his ass better get zenkai boosted after he got one shot

As much as I hate it the only real choice here is neviro

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Morden is a real one
Neviro is trying his best :pensive:
Sorry Iris

man idgaf about neviro

just borrow argos’ devorer and prevent morden from potentially being taken over by the curse and betraying you later while you still can


Met him in cirrus town, thought he was cool, talked to him again in cirrus town, said “Leave me alone” or some shit like bro I wasn’t the one who told you to talk to me?

also tbh that guy is probably the most useless out of all of them

Neviro because everyone else would kick my ass

He already has a death wish by going back to Ravenna, might as well


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