(POLLS)Shadow Magic's Colorblinding

As we all know a lot of the magics in the game have some sort of effect like light blinding you, sand basically blinding you, fire putting you on fire, poison poisoning you, ect. Now basically all of these effects are useful blinding making it harder for you to fight or DoT effects giving that magic a bonus for hitting you. So why is shadow’s one effect useless?
All it does is make your screen change from full color to black and white
Here is an example if you’ve never been hit(note: my it is my friend in the picture because I am a shadow user):

So would you really say this is even useful in a fight?

  • Yes, it benefits shadow magic for it to make you color blind
  • No, color blindness is literally useless

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If you voted no should it have something else replace the color blindness?

  • Honestly it shouldn’t do anything
  • Something should probably replace the colorblindness

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And Finally if you voted for it to be replaced what should it do?

  • Make your screen darker per hit so that it’s harder to see
  • A wither effect like it had in AA
  • Something other than those(please give suggestions)

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Honestly it seems really useless to me(especially on NPCs for ones like shadow and light) and I think it should be changed…Thoughts?

tbh i think the colorblindess can be really obnoxious and disorienting.

also its pretty cool, shadow doesnt need anything that gives it extra damage imo.

i dont want shadow to be another magic with Dot cus it already has decent stats. maybe the drained status could just make the enemies more susceptible to damage(either from shadow itself or something else) that way it will atleast appear to have more uses.


I mean maybe since the status effect is called “drained” it could drain small amounts of your opponents magic energy or stamina? Just a thought… I just want something other than colorblindness(even if colorblindness was kept and something was added onto it I’d be fine its just colorblindness isn’t enough on its own).

yeah that would be cool but im pretty sure draining your opponents energy and stamina is a lost magic and primordial magic thing.

edit: image

ig it wouldn’t make sense for an elemental to have abilities of a lost and a primordial. But that still doesn’t change the fact that it needs to do something other than JUST colorblindness

I was thinking it should have some sort of suction effect bringing opponents closer to the centre of the blast or explosion but, I’m guessing that would be saved for something like darkness or gravity

I mean thats what gravity is going to do from the looks of it
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I like the colorblinding, even though it’s not disturbing to some players. I think vetex should add a withering effect or make the entire screen darker.


Maybe a silence effect that stops people from being able to cast anything magic related for like few seconds (or a fraction of a second if too broken) maybe add a percentage if even that is too much but since being frozen stops all casting and physical movement it shouldn’t be that big of an issue if just magic attacks are disabled.

Then again this sounds like something that would be on a rarer magic type like darkness

Colorblindness makes fighting suck. Are you bleeding? Maybe, but you sure wont be able to tell while trying to move, fight, and process black and white

Make it make you drop to your knees and make the player super submissive so we can do stuff to them :flushed:

But you can tell because there are damage indicators, and when you get bleeding it literally says “bleeding” on you ._. I’d rather be colorblind than take constant DoT from other magics

The colorblinding might be disorienting, however it’s not really that effective.
Instead, Drained needs to have an extra effect where it makes the opponent drain both their Magic Energy and Stamina a lot quicker, as well as slowly draining the magic and stamina passively while it’s in affect. Causing the opponent to have to charge up or switch to a weaker source of attack.
That would be really neat, and it would be pretty original, as well as sticking to Vetex most likely not bringing back Withered or changing Drained into Withered.

EDIT: OP already said this idea.

what about snow giving the snowy affect

I don’t think Shadow should be another DoT magic. I think Shadow should blind the player, so with each hit your screen turns black until its pure black and you can’t see anything

i think a small effect that makes your camera forcefully get moved for a tiny bit would be a nice extra feature on shadow, in addition to the colourblindness.
the amount your camera gets shoved would scale off of how much % of your hp it hit you for.

Shadow having a dot would cause it to effectively be paper with better clash rates. In the trello, drained is planned to have a dark border around your screen, which would make the greyscale much more effective.
Besides, it doesn’t really feel like it has an effect normally, but if you’re in a fight trying to look around things will be harder to notice if you don’t look closely.

wither shouldnt return back to shadow

i think a slow effect would be good