Possible builds for each Magic

Ok, so starting with Acid.

So Acid isn’t bad magic, just on the weaker side because it leans on its corroding effect, so the best builds will need to lean on hitting your opponents fast and hard to make its status effect shine.

Best Builds
Acid Conjurer

Reasoning: Bleeding increases Acid damage, making the corroding more damage. Both builds focus on quick power attacks.

Next is Ash Magic
(Also known as cancer mage)
Ash is gassed-based magic, so its clash rates would make one assume that mage would be a bad idea. Usually, this is correct, but the wonders of 200-300 intensity will surprise you.

Best Build
Ash Mage(Second magic fire)

Ash mage: By simply activating your aura(destruction) then an ultimate art explosion(x5), Then hitting the impact spot with 20 beams (wide stance), you will be left with a battlefield completely consumed with nothing but ash. Why fight when you can torture? (note: you will need at least 200-300 intensity to make proper use of this)

Next is Crystal Magic
Crystal is worse than earth magic but makes up for that with its status effect. Your best battle will be fast-paced combat that focuses on hitting your shots.

Best Build:
Crystal Warlock
Crystal Conjurer

Both builds work really well. Not much else to say

Next is Earth Magic
Do you ever just wanna make sure no one can see anything except the rocks you launched at them?

Best Builds.
Earth Conjurer

Usually, I would add Iron Leg Warlock, But Conjurer has more flexibility. (also 10% damage boost when the victim is bleeding) (remember, if it aint large, then don’t charge)

Next is explosion
Oppenheimer Build go brrr

Best Build:
Explosion Mage

Don’t worry about aiming if your opponents can’t escape your recreation of events in Japan in 1945.

Next is Fire Magic
‘Burning down the house!”

Best Build:
Fire Warlock

Fire is a so-so magic, but it ultimately gets outclassed by its parent builds. There isn’t necessarily a bad build for fire. Iron leg works pretty well, but that’s basically it.

Next is glass magic
A weaker version or earth magic that focuses on sheer damage over destruction power.

Best Build
Glass Mage

The best part of the glass is its ability to make people bleed. Thats it.
Because of that, your best bet is to use it as either a synergy setup or as a measure to deal with water-based combat for yall mages who don’t function under the sea. Alternatively, you could also lean on the bleed and try to chop some limps off to basically win all mage fights and severely hinder all other builds.

Next is Ice Magic
Ice magic is a somewhat a heavy hitter is the ranges of magic, but what it lacks is utility underwater, and speed.

Best Build.
Ice Warlock

You do not know what pain is until you fight someone who can absolutely jump you from any angle and your only salvation is jumping in fire.

Next is light magic
The name of the game is pain, except that a lie and you hit like a melting pool noodle about 9/10.

Best build.
Light Conjurer

Conjurers’ greatest weakness is their lack of speed and because of that, they tend to get out of classes by faster builds and tend to play a slower-paced game. HOWEVER, if you just slap some sudowoodo-level lightsaber on top them blades and now you can just teleport behind people and say “Nothing personal partner”

Next is Lighting Magic
Elon Mush Lookin Ahh.

Best Build:
Lighting Warlock

Read the reason for Ice magic but replace fire with nothing and you will see the problem.

Next is Magma Magic.
(yall in the mood for donuts?)
Basically, it takes the best parts of fire and earth and mush it together and creates an extremely powerful magic that in the right hands, can easily solo even the toughest of players.

Best Build.
Magma Mage

Look, man, magma mages get a 20% damage boost if you are sweating, which is only made worse when you take into account that a power/attack size build can bring forth the might of sun on us lowly mortal heads.

Next is metal magic.
Look, if you dont know what a “Meta Mage” is, the you are lucky.
Technically, Metal is the strongest magic damage-wise, but it’s as slow as a snail, and the only other redeeming factor is its sheer size and its history.

Best Build.
Iron Warlock.

Imma be real with ya; boxing is the only thing that will bring your speed up to a reasonable amount. (enjoy your fake haki)

Next is Plasma Magic
Basically, the better fire.

Best Build.
Plasma Conjurer

It’s in the same bout as fire, where due to its middle of the road kinda deals, it’s kinda good everywhere. (Though conjurer wins because lightsaber(and mage gets second place cause gojo))

Next is Poison Mage.
Ok, so I need to explain a VERY interesting factor in status effects. So the attack that inflicts the status effect is the only attack that the damaging side of the effect takes into account for calculating damage, Because of this, any time you stack the effect, it only doubles the first attack’s status effect, NOT the new one. This creates the potential that if the first attack hits like a truck, then the other follow-up attacks are weak quickfire, and you would be able to stack insane dame through status effects alone.

This is where poison comes in as its status effects last 20 seconds by itself.

Best Builds

To summarize, if you pick conjurer, snipe, then swarm them. If the pick Warlock, Smite them with iron leg, The kick them to the ground repeatedly until they cant tell the difference between the ground and the sky. And if you pick mage, make your second magic plasma and go for the microwave mage build.

Next is Sand Magic.
Strip all utility from earth and you get sand you crocodile wannabe.

Best Build
Sand Conjurer

Sand’s best feature is its blinding ability and its damage. Because of this, it is best to use blinding factors with a weapon since most conjurers tend to play a bait-and-punish-like playstyle. I guess the ol’ saying of sand in the wound holds some truth.

Next is Shadow Magic.
Ok, you blackbeard wannabe listen up. Shadow magic is kinda wonky because it has NO synergies at all, so there is no “Best Build”. However, Instead, it’s better to use Shadow to cover the weakness of other builds, like Conjurer Punishes tools and Warlocks Size Limitations.

Next is Snow Magic
Snow is relatively Similar to Sand, but snow synergizes with water.

Best Build.
Snow Warlock.

Sailor Style is just good aint it? Actually it’s probably because of water.

Next is Water Magic
Ok water is the biggest MEH of all magics, because its really good at helping other magics, but as the support and not the lead.

Best Build
Water Conjurer

Again, it’s just so-so as the leading man. However, a bleeding damage boost is always nice.

Next is Wind Magic.
Ok, so this one is actually Tricky. Wind is the embodiment of anti-status effects because it’s the only magic that can remove all status effects. Beyond that, it’s only good at throwing your opponent off, literally.

Best Build

Ok so Warlock is just a Bad Idea here, and Conjurer is just fast and annoying, but with Savant you kind of get the best of both worlds. (with second magic in ice for freezing)

And Finally, Wood Magic
Why would you do this?
Ok so Wood isn’t INHERENTLY bad, but it is outclassed by everything else.

Best Build
Wood Mage.

May god be with you if you though conjurer was a good idea and your out of stat resets. It was ok with thermo fist, but as of the Nimbus Sea Part 1 update, Thermo Fist is more dead then this generations attention span. That leave mage cause only god know why you would think a savant build could save this magic. Just pick a heat based magic and become the Swapfire you will regret (Minor note, Wood with explosion and earth magic would be pretty op because combined, they all synergize and are massive, but that only has potential when the 2nd awakening comes out.)


(complete sentence)

As a near-max intensity Wind mage, I’m somewhat surprised

near max isn’t good enough

Workin’ on that