Possible Infamy Glitch Question

I don’t know if this is a glitch or not but for some reason the guild infamy that the guild I am in has only 3 infamy in the infamy bar when you look into our guild. You may be wondering what’s wrong with that? Well, every single person in the guild that we are in has either 0 or below infamy(I know pretty embarrassing). Only one person has left our guild I believe and I’m pretty sure their infamy couldn’t have tallied up to the negative infamy combined that everyone else has( I know, very embarrassing. It’s that bad).

Now for some reason, the 3 infamy in our infamy bar is all from me and whenever I kill someone the guild infamy bar fills up and my negative infamy number goes up.

Example of what’s going on:

One Kill —> +1 Infamy Gain and +1 Infamy in Bar but my infamy is in the negatives so it doesn’t makes sense why there’s +1 in Infamy Bar.

I’m wondering maybe it has something to do with me being Co-Leader but I’m not really sure. Hope this makes sense ;-;


RobloxScreenShot20210219_210119345 (2)

Screenshot (48)
This is just where the majority of the negative infamy is. In Total we have: -125 Infamy Gain. (Maybe a record :3)

If it’s a glitch I’ll move this to Bug Reports.

I’ll just move it even though there are no responses at the moment ;-;

If I had to guess, you’re losing infamy when your guild has 0 infamy. When this happens, your guild stays at 0 infamy (because it’s not allowed to go negative), but your “infamy gain” goes down anyway because there’s no check to see if your death actually caused the guild to lose infamy.

Or to put it another way:
When you die, your infamy gain goes down (from -44 to -45), and your guild’s infamy stays at 0.
When you kill someone, your infamy gain goes up (from -45 to -44), and your guild’s infamy also goes up (from 0 to 1).
This allows your guild’s total infamy to wildly desync from the sum of its members.

You could argue this isn’t a bug, but I think it is so I’ll keep the thread open.


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