Possible multiblast balancing oversight


  • Blast spells no longer have their size divided between each blast when used with amount over 1, instead they are all the size of amount 1 blast.
  • Ultimate Art Blast spell amount over 3 size multiplier: 2.7x → 2.4x

A size multiplier existed for multiblast ultimate arts? I’m sure it was in place because multiblasts previously could get really, REALLY small if the amount setting was high, but now that multiblasts don’t decrease in size when more blasts are added—which would make ultimate art 20-blasts look kinda pathetic. But now that multiblasts have the same size as singular blasts, it doesn’t make sense for ultimate art multiblasts that have MORE blasts to be LARGER in size compared to singular blast ultimate arts.

I think it just means that the regular multiplier is like 3x size and blasts over 3 have a lower multiplier

oh lol i’m dumb

tbh, it’s understandable that you’d think that it’d be bigger, since vetex didn’t say what the base size for ult art blasts is in the post