Possible solution to find a legendary Beast Atlantean

A set of instructions that could spawn one is.

  1. Going to Insanity 5 for obvious reasons
  2. Get a decked out ship at high ass durability imo.
  3. Finish your build to do alot of damage.
  4. Find one of the rare islands in the dark sea like pirate island (Rarer islands spawn higher level atlanteans)
  5. Find a structure.
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why would you want to do that

Why not?

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good point

Legendary beast atlanteans when they see you do 300 damage instead of 250 per blast, and proceed to one shot you from the other side of the islands thousands of times over:

I was fighting a level 300 atlantean and he was doing 400 damage per hit, and his aoe well…

Not to mention bleed/burn/etc which racks up alot of damage