Post cancelled

I don’t want to see this post anymore, I’m making a new one.

Crowns have no value

I mean, I have one uncommon chest piece that’s max level and hunting boots, maybe I could offer that?

I doubt u could get it u would have a better chance getting a boss drop and trading for it or maybe just looking for smugglers and merchants

got the wizard robes

For crowns on forums?
the world is ending

His offer is fine for common items

I thought meta gear is decently valued

Enchanted meta gear ye
But cleans nah

No, off a guy i met in a game. Anyways, for the white hood the only thing i can think of offering at this point is my armor. Hard burlap dark leather armor and swift hunting boots

Aight i take back everything i said

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Fair enough

You have one?

Probably but i dontwanna go in game for a small trade

No need to. Crowns are a fine offer for a white hood. But youre better off doing this trade in game since most traders on the forum would be too lazy to do this trade or would have no interest in doing this trade (since theres not much to win)

both pieces of armor are full enchant + level 90

I dont trade for commons or uncommons

Tried to give crowns and one item
to one guy who has a white hood just now, declined every offer i tried to make to him
Probably doesn’t want to trade it is why

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Ye that is likely the reason. Even though crowns are seen as worthless so are most common items. He might want to keep it for vanity reasons

Guess I’ll just have to server hop and try my luck