Post dodge reflex nerf pvp

need someone else’s opinion on this ngl, after the dodge reflex nerf pvp is just less fun.

Wdym dodge reflex nerf? Idk abt anything, tell me pls

less airstalling ig
id prefer if vetex kept two dodge reflexes when out of combat

I like it. Fights last longer because no one is able to just get out of any situation entirely for free. Predicting your opponents land is easier now.

not just pvp, even farming coppershrooms on the Jaw spires has become a pain.


I’m so used to the double dodge reflex that I always just misjudge the distance that I will move forward

W change, pvp is more fun, less braindead, more easily punishable, doesnt act as a free out of jail card (or atleast is harder to be like that), it feels less like everyone is having the mobility of a 1.13 bers

W change, 10/10, pvp is more skillful now


keep dodge reflexes short when in comabt and keep it longer when out of combat

that was the proposed idea by the balance team, vetex just ignore it

Size is meta (complete sentence)

Seems better, airstallers are less of a pain to deal with and runners are least tedious to chase after now

idk 17263
just let me leave this here for the mage airstallers…

Better, now you can somewhat punish people for making mistakes

ive got no issue for exploration so i cant imagine it being that bad for pvp
just seems more fair


Im gonna gank you

It’s the exact same as it was for me.

Jesus christ

it was too OP when dodge reflexes were spammable, now it’s not fun and dodges are lame.

AO community is just never satisfied huh.

i think it’s a lot more fun simply bc airstalling and running and all that agility stuff got hard nerfed

Honestly I was playing better without dodge using dodge reflex :rofl:

Only if dodge reflex was removed from the game…