Post mistral leak

if u cant see the pic, uhh, click on it

from what i saw on the picture, it has an little village, and 2 massive presumably stone structures, which could be temples

it it legal to post this?

we can’t see the pic

are you just trolling?

click on it?

vetex is popping off god damnnn

yep that’s what it looks like

so it looks the exact same even after u clicked it?



just take a screenshot of it

i dont know how to do that on an computer

port mistral is a lot more… achromatic than I remember…

interesting design choices here.

it appears that the picture is unavailable to people, so ill have to either delete the topic or edit it

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guys we know this is fake

i just copied the address of the pic from the wiki, dont know what went wrong, but the voters already decided

Fandom linked pictures dont work
You pretty much need to make a screenshot of it

if its the one from the wiki its just the blurred patreon one lol

(being this)

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