Post the best trades you have ever been offered here

Note that you have to have been offered the trade, not the other way around. Mine is a hard scroll offered for 200 galleons. Wasn’t even sent with any context.

Arcsphere and power amulet for Argos set

Only the armor? If so, that’s pretty nice.

I was gifted 2 vindicators, axe slash and some other random stuff for a lucky rod, so I gave em 1k galleons it was like 5k worth of stuff I had to give something. I didn’t know the guy at all just got the trade randomly.

My shoulded crow for 10 pulsar scrolls and 25 thousand galleons

75 AO galleons for a headless

No way

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strong oath for headless in ao thats 75 gals for headless

Bruh you misleading little shit :sob:

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im not lyin tho

75 galleons for sunken sword

Wait, no cap?

0_0 I wish I sweat WoM.

Sheesh, idk y that happend.


forgetting about the og one

150 galleons for a headless for me

best trade ever lmaoo


600 galleons for me