Post the worst trades youve ever gotten

in my ao experience i have gotten some of the most abhorrent, RANCID trade requests and I want to see if anyone has gotten anything worse

two of my favorites:


Insanity pie for Sunken Sword? What a deal


Deal of the year

Today, somebody offered an Axe Slash scroll, Cernyx’s Robes, and something else for my Easter Valkyrie.

On the file that won’t even use Axe Slash.

thats not that bad of a trade
especially compared to the PyroFireFlame posted

also before you say that it is, pls keep in mind that even tho its a seasonal that likely will never come back its also common af (17k exists as a bare minimum and the actual number is more like 50k minimum). He could have offered way worse

Really? I would offer a lot better. My offer would be like 1 pulsar, 1 axe-slash, 2 vindicators, 4 hard scrolls, and a bunch of galleons.

It’s only a few minutes after I joined the game and this guy wants my Headless :fr:

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Imo thats a big overpay. Easter valks arent rare nor will they be for a long time. Theres 0 reason for them to be that valuable atm. Sure if youre investing in their value fair enough ig but rn thats an overpay for sure

Alright, ty for the response. I would still invest that way and I’m willing to buy an easter valk from you at that price if u got one.

i dont even know if this is bad or not
what am i gonna do with 46000 galleons???

Gamble at your local alchemist

Absolute worst trade ever… for him

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