Potion death message

i got a bug that make me unable to heal and decided to test if i can krill myself using drawback or not

the answer is no, cause they will just stop dealing dmg when you reach 1 hp :frowning:




That’s some spicy grape juice

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What potion is that

bleeding, harming is purple

it is harming

and it is purple… red purple if you want to be precise


I think you couldve actually died, the game doesn’t show the decimal dmg you take (when youre hit be 150.6 it shows 150 but actually counts 150.6) so After long enough you wouldve died

i have 5 drawback, so 5% of health lost each time, which means i so have died after 20 attacks assuming it was still doing dmg

i tried m1ing a dagger and blasting spells for nearly 10 minutes straight and did not

iirc a tester died to drawback during tester so ig he just made it so drawback cant drain your hp any lower than 1 ig

its 5% of current hp, not max hp, so it’d be decently more than 20 attacks. and also iirc, m1’s also deal less drawback dmg than actual moves

ic ic, thanka you

guess ill try again when i have this bug again then lol