Potion Reagent Spreadsheet

You have commenting permissions. Please comment any errors, and comment any changes to rarity tiers you’d like. Unsure how gale exhaustion functions precisely.

Notes: Smoke effect is not documented/tested, catalysts have not been added. Still don’t know where Gaia’s tears spawn.


I’ve been trying to make a tier 5 mimhere island location potion but no matter what I add I think the game is bugged

I’ve tried:

arcanium essence + iris fanartium

oscura skibidoxia + colossal clam

I added 2 comments :fr:

@sock Wasn’t it tiers 4 and 5?

Thanks, they were actually pretty helpful

no, t3 works

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Is there any difference between tiers in terms of regenerating limbs? Or is it just one limb regenerated?



Notice it says “limbs”… so you should get all your limbs back

Yeah, I put that down.

Does anyone know if tier or potency affect the paralyzed duration of electric potions, or is it always the same?

@Pyronical Please review reagent rarities and let me know of any errors. Chop chop, get to it my unpaid intern.

go awayyyy

@Cryonical STOP

I’ve gotta say its pretty weirdly made, personally its confusing me

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How so? It seems organized enough to me.

Why bro??? I thought you hated him

is that child labor I see??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

According to wiki, all it says is

Alright, strange, I guess higher tier electric has no advantage then, besides the damage it deals.