Potions revamp/nerf

Potions have got to be the most busted, annoying, and absurdly strong, facing against high infamy players just show how much this needs to get nerfed, I’ve had my fair share of PVP reaching 830k bounty, and when I get into combat with most high infamy players nowadays, it’s the same strategy, which may consist of but not limited to:

Any form of gel, but slowness gels being most effective.
Any form of healing potions.
Clearsight + Revealing potions.

And while these maybe a huge and big part of the game, it does not have to affect PVP this heavily, food have a similar kind of buff, like having increased health regen and reduced stamina consumption, and it can be fought against, but it is not as busted and stupid as the advantage potions give in combat.

I hope potions get revamped to be more of a utility kind of thing than a game changing PVP fight.

For gels, i’d just probably dumb down the effects to like max 5 seconds, depends on the status effect.
Healing potions should be capped at a certain precentage.
Clearsight potions are a thing i don’t see a too big of a problem.
No ideas for revealing potions.

I don’t think people making effective tactical choices is unfair in any way. This is one of the most fair aspects of pvp

No way!! World PvPers are doing everything in their power to win!
Yeah you’re neither the first nor the last person to ever say this. The game is an MMORPG; you’re supposed to use everything in your toolkit to win.
This is literally the same as beserker vs. mage ship combat. Is it unfair for the mage? Totally. Potions help them gain back a slight advantage (world PVP is always someone getting the first hit off for 300+), and if you’re not using a potion of your own, it’s your loss.

I can abuse potions as much as I want, potions are not gonna define who’s a good player and who’s not, sure, use whatever is in your toolkit, but when you have to rely on it and it being what makes you win the fight, thats where the issue is, its not a “slight advantage” its a very strong tool that needs to get nerfed to BE a slight advantage.

refer to above message

not sure why you felt the need to ping me on a post that’s just about you being mad about a game mechanic

ngl i just trying to have a convo but ok lol

if you want a fair fight just ask someone for a duel?
Otherwise jumping someone in the overworld is pretty much asking for a street fight, they can do what they want and it’s your problem.

Potions are probably fine as is, but I wouldn’t mind a status-clearing reagent that could be used as counterplay.

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nerf gels
buff throwables
make potions auto-aim assist

good update

Make all attack auto aim

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