POV: you are a chosen person and the others are scattered across the world

If you were a chosen one and the other chosen people were scattered across the world, how would you meet them? You live with your parents (maybe 16 years old) and this is a 21st century world that has magic. Your parents believe in the chosen group (religion).

Would you convince your parents to help you find the other chosen people? What would you do to find them?

Please be realistic. I need this for story help.

i have a few questions: do our parents know about our chosen status? are they convinced about it? also what kinda chosen is it? are we destined to fight god or something?

but in all seriousness i’ll try to find other chosen mfs online, i get the feeling that i couldn’t trust the parents on this thing, so i might as well try to do whatever i can

I would personally take this two ways:

I would personally grow up in awe of the is religion and attempt to ask my parents and they attempt to help me. We go looking out in whatever religious texts to find cues of who these religious people may be. Maybe if we’re lucky we can find news sources and outlets that talk about other chosen ones. My parents would probably get discouraged by the adults around them but we still have hope and we eventually find this supposed chosen group.

If I was more darker, I would grow up hating the religion as it’s all everyone talks about and I personally don’t believe in it. My parents would try to convince me but then I run off. I think about the situation at hand and think that if I truly am apart of this chosen group, then I’ll try destroying them seeing that society is so heavily fixated on it. This would show that if I destroy them then nothing bad will happen and the group is just one big lie. I find more clues and I end up finding some of them but then sooner or later somehow, someway realize that the chosen ones are chosen for a reason. In the end, their my allies and not my enemies. Then you fill in the rest I guess.

Of course there are a lot of missing pieces here but this is just a summary from what I’m getting

you can tell them if you want

something yes

to be honest i doubt our parents would really believe that we’d fight god/other epic stuff, unless our ancestors/relatives got chosen or we live in a society where it’s normal to just get out of the house and fight (i might have a very big distrust towards parents but eh)

so yeah im going online route

if you go the online route you might have your chosen one identity leaked but do you care

im taking the risk

We live in a big world though so finding the other chosen people will be impossible. Time to go full meta. Logic Plot dictates that I will find the others if I wear shady clothing, pop into random areas, grab a person minding their own business, and say “You are chosen like me, in 4 hours meet me. You know where I’ll be.”

4 hours later I have successfully rounded up the gang and now we argue like edgy teenagers until someone says “Guys guys we have a common enemy, let’s focus on that.” We agree and a training montage begins. We are still abrasive but attempt to tolerate one another. Cataclysmic event happens, we live up to out chosen status and destroy whatever caused the event. Easy.

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I need context (I will abuse my power and position in society for monetary gains)

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I work for free :slightly_smiling_face:

fr tho how did I do?


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