POV: You are a director/Showrunner and you want to make an anime or something, what would it be about and explain its storyline beginning -> end?

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the very short version!!1!!!

so once upon a time in an alternate universe with furries (sorta) and humans

there are alien called bonuin

alien called bonuin likes earth people but can’t talk to them because no specialized organ for talking rip xd

so they taint earth’s water with “the formula”

this fails and gives everyone superpowers that gradually get weirder as time progresses, not like MHA Where they get stronger, they can get weaker too, but just more diverse.

The world falls into chaos

an awful period known as the rapture ensues

bonuin help rapture end faster

the world is finally at peace it seems but bonuin are forgotten to time (no worries they never left this is a major storyline)

all earth people still have powers

government be like “how do we monetize this”

new sport made

protagonist wants to enroll!!!

friendship trope!!!

zany powers!!!




Beginning: A dragon lives life trying to hide from humans because humans are easily scared.

befriends a human

go on adventure

Middle: government comes and fights dragon

government captures dragon

end: human saves dragon but dies in the process and the dragon reaffirms that most humans are douchebags.

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A story about a teenager with a supernatural gift that makes them capable of doing absolutely anything almost perfectly. This occurs for most of their life where they can do any task and intentionally or unintentionally do it perfectly without flaw. Eventually, however, this leads to some moments of sadness for them, because there isn’t any challenge for them as they literally can do any task without trying. Obviously there are things they can’t do, like the fact they can’t actually be happy or satisfied a majority of the time due to their condition, and that they aren’t “perfect” in that they can solo every character in fiction.

is this too similar to OPM :fr:

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and uh the sequel to the show which takes place like a long time into the future and then we have multiversal hijinks and terrorists!!!


also there’s a hostage situation.

In a world of permanent frost where the highest temperature is -16 degrees in a new era called “The Automatic age” with the rise of coal and oil powered machines and engine, with semi-automatic firearms becoming the norm. (kind of like Frostpunk)

A story about a 28 years old Elf woman who lost her memory with a broken name tag “Karin” with the ability to use fire magic without a need for crystal. Seeking to find her own identity, and the reason why she is a target by two countries about to start their second war

who soon discovers she had a twin brother “Karon” who is Adolf Hitler and her being just as cruel as him and survived the elf holocaust by the Rigala (furry) race as they see potential in them.

that’s just the short version, also the one in my pfp is not Karin (it’s Ratia)

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