POV: You Have a Bounty

Credit to Tobi for the Magic Circle template ae

This mf gunslinger with max agility and nothing else pulls up for your bounty: wdyd?
ae anyways this is my oc Cameron Torres

also I haven’t posted art in a while wow

I’ma draw Ravenna and maybe some other npcs if I’m feeling spicy ae


hee yaw

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yee haw


Depends on their level and if I’m an NPC or a player bounty, either way, I’d be doomed if they were Level 125 (currently at Level 90).

Also, POV’s me when the bounty has no shoes.

no you don’t understand my pvp skills are so bad a lv 50 almost soloed me at max level

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Ah, fair point. I’m also bad at PVP, especially due to my over-reliance in distancing myself and expecting enemy NPCs to run straight toward me so I can Musket and Dual Flintlock them.

Meanwhile I want to actively try and get better at pvp, battle other players whenever they try to jump me

Maybe even try to become evil so players have a good excuse to jump me

I wanna get to Level 125, level up my Weapons skill to 130, and get the Bronze Musket before I start PVP-ing and engaging in Player Bounties for the thrill and challenge.

(I’ll ease up on the replies now.)

If I bounty hunt I’ll probably feel bad for the people I kill which is also why I don’t like and am opposed to Rkilling.

when I hunt from the bounty board I only go after npcs so I don’t feel bad