Prediction for AO's release date

calculating everything left (i would obviously be wrong but its an estimation)
rest of story - 1 week
awakenings - 1/2 to 1 week
spell slots moving and first lost spells/weapons/techniques - 1 - 1 1/2 weeks
tutorial - 1/2 week
dark seas - 1/2 week
release prep - 1 week

total weeks : min: 4 1/2 max: 5 1/2
time until end of feb:
Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 9.57.48 AM
(6 weeks)

estimations match up, release prediction: on time

my predictions: feb 21st - march 4th

I’m going to force vetex to release it on my birthday


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Why are so many people trying to predict ao release date?


doubt the tutorial will take that long

maybe? i feel like itll take at least 2

flex perms when it releases on the date they predicted it

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i just wanted to share mine with the lengths of each development section

Oh understandable

Can somebody post a calendar for February here
And hat way we should be able to make more accurate predictions
Also, for my guess I’ll move the tutorial’s time to the dark sea’s time. No way a tutorial is taking that long.






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AO will come out on exactly Feburary 22nd, 1:30:00 PM EST, remember this :+1:

Do you follow the trello every day?

Do you think this mt will take a week to do a spell slot change? , tutorial maybe

dark sea maybe MORE , still is a concept ideia not a finished ideia

Probably right ,

but aweking i don’t know maybe will take less or more than this

I will think ao will release at 1/2/2033 15/2/2023 or 31/2/2023

Obvius i can be wrong too.

who day its is?

february 31st doesnt exist lol
i mean a week for both the slot change and adding new types

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February 31st only exists in Ohio