[PRETTY IMPORTANT] The future of roblox audio... it's not great

Yesterday checked my games… Background soundtracks went to Brazil… Roblox, I hate you. David Baszuski, you weren’t allowed to do that

no the slenders and emos uploaded more 3000 decibel trash

the slenders have already retaliated

KILL HIM (complete sentence)

It’s been.

2 years.

what are you doing.

We really need to throw them all into an Incinerator

Did roblox remove the update?

Roblox is removing the update and you will soon be able to put your audios on the market

No way they are undoing it. It’s April 3rd guys not 1st

Wasn’t a part of Roblox Studio’s advertising supposed to be how free modes let you make stuff without knowing anything? The irony is atrocious here.