Primordial Magic discussion

I remember reading somewhere that if you get a Primordial magic you will get bad rep and turn into a villain, is that true? I don’t want to get some Primordial magic scroll, use it and turn into a villain! :poggers2: (That would be disrespectful to my saint status i worked so hard to get this status it can’t vaporize when i want a cool magic lol) did i read correctly or am i getting slow in the head

I think it’s only for certain ones like death and apocalypse bringer, which have “forbidden” skill types. Not sure if the mc would like that very much.

I’m assuming you would have to be a bad rep to get one of them in the first place plus it would probably give a warning that the spell is forbidden.

you probably have to actually be using them in order to lose rep

man that’d be rough
imagine using primordial magics to fight some big baddies and you get shunned for it

there would need to be some mc guard or something in the area doe

Nah primordial magic just gives insanity, I remember someone posted a screen-shot of an npc saying something about a dude going insane because of it

might be a specific primordial magic, not just in general
but on the topic of primordial magics, we now have equinox magic yes

  • Insanity Stat

Maybe some Lost/Primordial Magics will give a permanent increase to insanity stat, and Vetex could add a interesting quirk to that stat like you going insane and adding a “NPC Effect” to you. [ Term I just created for when you lose control of your PC and it turns into an NPC temporarily maybe making you attack nearby things? ]

make you insane
I doubt all primordials will make you bad rep, but some might.

Let’s say the horrible sounding Magics like:

Death Magic, all those types. Probably turn you bad rep.

But more neutral ones, maybe Art of Infinity, Equinox (since it’s balanced control) and some others just cause the Magic Council to be wary of you, if you help, then i guess you’re fine

that was the pic I was talking about. let me just steal it


He’s already dead. He won’t be going insane over any primordial magic.