Primordial magic - Space magic

This will be a magic that will boost your movement skills by an insane amount, letting you hover faster with hover and letting you jump higher with high jump. The magic would make any of your movement spell 5x more efficient. Thats the main feature of the magic but it will also have a very high destruction power and will do the same amount of damage as gold while being as fast as water.
The magic would take form as a fully black magic with white dots spread all over it.

Reason to add: right now we need more primordial and lost magics to choose from and we need more unique nagics

Sounds like a speed magic more than space tbh.

Wrong post

woah what the fuck

Didnt know what to call it so…

call it speed magic. Space makes it sound like there’s space things involved

So controlling the space around you? Is that what you meant? Although primordial suggestions are not likely to happen, a magic involving spatial manipulation sounds cool.

I thought like you’re controlling the space around you which will give you a general speed boost while using movement magic so yeah

I personally think we don’t need anymore new magics, we already have 27 Lost/Primordial magics and making a new magic probably takes a lot of work. Im surprised Vetex even planned as many as this. but i do like your suggestion its a cool idea!

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