Prince Revon and his girlfriend

im wit his girl now

bro ain’t she dead?

bro killed his brother and stole his girl, so real for this

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i dunno, but i think she was lying on the floor dead during the cutscene before the calvus fight.


if you talk to this npc 30 times you unlock the 7 minute cutscene

Best scam I have ever seen.

right after the gang broke us out

There is also ALT + F4 for free curse.

I will check YT for it.

Wait, you mean Mine’s Overseer?

Don’t forget your account’s password for admin.

During the cutscene (after escaping the mines), you can actually see the bodies of the prisoners scattered around the castello. Someone pointed out that one of them were Revon’s ex.


i swear that i saw corpses during the cutscene

Haha L bozo revon

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His girlfriend: “That’s why your brother’s dead! Maybe next time don’t break up with me.”

Isn’t his girlfriend in the mines with us for actively trying to kill Revon since “He didn’t love me”?