Princes of the Apocalypse, Session Two

Jason sighed as he downed his fourth cup of coffee. He was the only one of the group currently awake and was waiting for his companions to get up.

“Rough night, eh?” The proprietress of the tavern/inn asked.

“Yeah, just waiting for my allies to get up so we can find our next job.” Jason said.

The proprietress thought about this for a moment, " Hmm… Well, tell you what. Since you did such a good job with the bandits… You know that things have been bad here for awhile, yeah?"

Jason nodded, “It’s actually what brought me here.”

“An eye for danger, eh?” She chuckled, “Anyways, I’ve been noticing some strange activity near Lance Peak, to the north of town. I have the feeling that it may be the cause of our problems here in Red Larch… So waddya say?”

Jason grinned, “I say you’ve hired a professional, consider it done.”

“Strange activity, huh?” Kari asked “Rather vague don’t you think?”

Jason shrugged, “Most jobs are. Anyways, looks like we’re here.”

The group came to a stop at the entrance of a cave in the side of a mountain. The cave reeked of rot and decay.

“Ront no like the smell of this place…” Ront growled.

“Yeah, smells like the slums. Let’s be careful, yeah?” Jason suggested.

The cave had a particular feeling to it that put the group off. Like a back alley in the dead of night. You just knew something was going to happen. Oh, and the corpses.

“How do you think this one died?” Liz asked.

Jason inspected the decaying body, “Blunt force trauma by the looks of it. You can see that some of the bones are broken… Wait, are those teeth marks!?”

As if on cue, two zombies made their way forward. The shambling husks were dressed up in colourful and fancy clothing. It looked new, almost as if it was put on after the zombification.

Ront charged ahead and cleaved one in half as Kari reduced the other one to ashes and dust.

“Oh, wonderful. We’re dealing with a necromancer.” Jason remarked as he got up.

“We kill them now.” Ront grumbled as he trudged forward.

The gang walked up on a cloaked figure standing over a corpse. The figure was preforming some sort of ritual over the body. They were also flanked by four skeletons.

“DIE!!” Ront roared as he charged ahead.

“Oh boy… So much for subtlety.” Jason said as he vapourized one of the skeletons with light magic.

“BURN!!” Kari yelled as she threw flames at the figure.

Liz raised her crossbow and fired.

“NGH! GET THEM!” The figure shouted at the skeletons as they started to retreat.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- URGH?” Ront stumbled as zombified severed hands grabbed hold of his ankles and caused him to trip. They were starting to crawl over him when he rolled onto his back, crushing them.

“Ha ha! I’m getting the hang of thi- AGH SHIT!” Jason said as he blasted another skeleton, before being shot… Again.

Kari vanished in a whoosh of flames and reappeared in front of the necromancer.

Liz reloaded her crossbow and fired again, hitting a skeleton squared 'tween the eye sockets.

Ront got up and charged at the remaining skeleton. He stumbled at the last bit and fell on top of the skeleton. The room was filled with the disturbing sounds of bones cracking as Ront crushed the skeleton to final death using his sheer orcish girth.

The necromancer dropped and groveled, begging for mercy.

“I say we kill him.” Jason suggested.

“No, we need to bring him back to tow- oh son of a bitch.” Kari said as Jason blasted a hole in the necromancer’s chest.

Jason shrugged, “Listen, letting your enemies live is a wonderful way to get killed later on when they inevitably escape from confinement. I learned that the hard way a long time ago…”

end of session two

Hey, little afternote here. This series is no longer going to be continued. We have a dnd session every Friday, meaning that I’d need to write one of these every week whilst also writing Crimson Origins. It’s also super hard to write. It’s nearly impossible to properly flow from one adventure to the next without everything being blocky and weird. Ultimately, the best thing for what little remains of my sanity would be to stop writing this as a formal series, and instead have it as short little stories from the campaign every now and then. Terribly sorry.

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I’m waiting for the grooming arc


you mean to say that this is an ongoing campaign?


Tho personal advice if you’re gonna write a campaign’s story… fudge things up a bit. Almost avoid accuracy, make the plot where there was none, etc.

Also yeah I would not try to write more than you feel able to, quick way to get burnt out.

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We had originally spared the necromancer, I just thought it would be funny to kill them in the story.

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ain’t nuthin’ we got ‘tween this an’ the almighty