Prison mine arc

Couldn’t we just break out of prison ourselves? Since we’re canonically stronger than king calves and what not


Bound by the shackles of plot

I wonder what makes those handcuffs and chains so impossible to break out of


The cuffs absorb magic and prevent the user from using any

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okay but

strength users



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they stold our brain so we couldn’t escape so easily


Calvus really lost agianst some malnourished, sleep deprived, overworked and demoralised 18 yr old kid, bet calvus doesn’t even have dad calves


Headcanon here
i pretty sure the player cannot escape by ourself because you we live in fear and confusions,
or the chain makes our power weak that’s why

I bet the mfer doesn’t even have the Muscles Gamepass compared to General Julian (He definitely has the Muscles Gamepass underneath that armor).


MC: Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, mom’s spaghetti.

Vetex: Yeah yeah, bozo, shut up and fight Calvus so you can get your first Awakening, then wait for a half a year for potions and Mimhere Island the Dark Seas.

Fighting King Calvus in a shellnut:


He probably had the power to do so but thought he couldn’t and that could also just be the plot but the MC’s answer to his awakening was literally “I think so” his response is so mundane and unsurprising his amnesia probably will affect him negatively in the future or rather the fact that he is a shell of his former self.

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“Wake up bozo…We’ve got a city to burn”


you can see a particle around them which is probably your magic energy, im assuming you either cant cast magic or itd hurt to cast magic with them


Not only can we assume that those are anti-arcanium chains, it also appears that our character is pretty messed up after General Julian’s attack.

Me personally I think we needed time to recover anyways, and we needed info on the order.
What place is better to get information, than a prison with people that were put in there just for knowing stuff?

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magic is in everyone as life essence soooo


strength and weapon users passively imbue magic energy into their attacks, which is why they can hurt curse ussers

but without it they can still fight just fine

bro is demoralised

or the chains draw the energy from the wearers fear, so that they get weaker the more scared they become

magic as life essence so the cuffs might just suck it out and make you weak?

fair enough