Pristine's Not-So-Expansive Emporium

Pristine's Not-So-Expansive Emporium
convenience 4.0 1 fairness 0.0 0 trustworthiness 4.0 1

The items listed below are what I have up for trade. DM pristine#1496 for any offers.

3x Axe-Slash Scroll
5x Amplified Scroll
6x Bursting Scroll
1x Hard Scroll
5x Nimble Scroll
1x Power Scroll
3x Swift Scroll

2x Poison-Tooth Dagger
2x Sanguine
1x Silent Blades
4x Vindicator

Armor and Accessories:
2x Archon Quartz Amulet
1x Cape of Ravenna Loyalty
1x Cernyx’s Faulds
4x Fair Agility Amulet
3x Fair Attack Size Amulet
6x Fair Attack Speed Amulet
3x Fair Defense Amulet
1x Fair Intensity Amulet
2x Fair Power Amulet
1x Lion of Ravenna Armor
1x Nimble Mantello of Ravenna’s Fallen King
3x Ravenna Apostle Bracelets
2x Ravenna Apostle Faulds
3x Ravenna Apostle Gi
1x Ravenna Apostle Pauldrons

2x Lesser Earth Cannons
8x Lesser Wood Cannons
3x Lesser Wood Ram

Remember that all Cannons and Rams will revert to their base Arcanium forms if used by a player who has forgotten their magic.

I will cook any food you wish at Perfect-tier cooking for a fee of 100 Galleons per 100 hunger provided. Ingredients are to be provided by you.

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You know I really want that attack size amulet but I never traded before so I wouldnt know whats fair and whats not and Im not tryna get bullied because I made a “clown trade”

cooking service is crazy dawg

respect the grind tho

What’s an axe slash?

The Lost Technique Scroll for Fighting Styles. It sends out three arcing waves that knock enemies backwards or downwards, depending on which option you chose. It’s a move that Lady Carina uses.

Why in the hell is no one talking about it then, its like everyone forgot aboui it

Because Berserker is ass rn. Fighting Styles are countered entirely by Warrior and Mage (the two best classes) and are in desperate need of the buffs coming in v1.12. The class’ only option is to be in their opponent’s face, but is out-damaged by Mage and Warrior alike while having the least consistent mobility of the three. Your Awakening is also useless, as your second Fighting Style is a waste of a slot.

Decent shop, formatting could use some work and maybe you could beef up your boss drop stock a little bit then I’d give full convenience, could also help getting your name out there in trading a lil bit, but you’re def more trustworthy than a random and a fair amount of people :+1:

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Thanks for the ratings g :pray:. Gunna be working on improving formatting as soon as stock increases.

i have:

x4 bursting scrolls
x4 amplified scrolls
x4 hard scrolls
x2 (or 3?) strong scrolls
x2 axe-slash
x1 pulsar
hard defense amulet
shadow arcsphere
15k+ galleons

any of this for a poison tooth?

Hard Cernyx Boots for Fair Power Amulet + Fair Intensity Amulet?