Problem with the bloxy/innovation reward items

Bloxy reward:

This is what you’d get before and was a back accessory, easy to read, golden statue, was a back accessory that didn’t take any space, looks like it was actually cared for and was put into time, and easy to read.

New one, Innovation Reward:

This one is hella worse than the other one, this is a hat accessory that is small and takes up avatar space and ruins drip, looked like it was made in 5 - 10 minutes, just full black, looks like they just pasted in this, wasn’t put into time, and text is hard to read

We can all agree that the bloxy rewards were much better and the new one was really just not as good as it used to be, it just doesn’t seem as rewarding anymore other than getting mentioned for how many great creations the creator made and being/contributing part of the community.

Well, this is a special item that nobody else was able to get so they’ll have to be grateful for it.

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the old gear bloxys were better, stuck out on your profile, werent big and cluttered, and looked good

the back accessory and this new one suck

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