Profile picture/message images not showing


pretty hard to surf on the forum without noticing the blaring image bug

move out of brazil

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somehow fixed itself, probably related to cloudflare or some shit

i dont live in brazil

days the site took hours to load, did not load properly or didn’t even load to begin with

it got fixed

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rumors spread around that doubles friend angmar ddosed the site; apparently he got like 1500 dollars outta nowhere to spend on a hacker to breach this lego forum

that’s why the site was checking for DDoS protection, whoa

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yes. hes also the guy who cofounded magius herald/arcane herald i forgot the name i think its one of those two. the herald only did guild drama which meant you knew how it would go

On that eighth release, well, i’ve heard y’all attacking Doge King for duplicating sunkens, angmar and DoubleRun for being idiots… right?

it was something like that I think.

i wasnt a part of it but the gist of it was that doublerun got TL3 restricted and angmar got butthurt and the doge king dupe thing

and also that release was pretty fake, right? like, i saw in a part ibemaine was in suncry, what the actual hell was that

ofc it was ibemaine doesnt even play WOM he only actually played it because it was free content

Woah what