124 lbs → 131lbs in 1 month and a half ALL MUSCLE, no visible fat gain going to keep it going


hair is dogshit in these pics just woke up

you’re going to waste ur time away u can be doing so much meaningful things, ur wasting ur drive to progress in real life and using it up by progressing in games dont make excuses. You dont need to go all out. if u want to start working out, start by spending 2 minutes on it. just put ur workout clothes and water out every day. the next day spent 3 minutes. etc. progressively overload, u dont need to do hard stuff on day 1.

I just started and im already making so much progress you can all do this, even 1 hour spent on games is bad, think about how much 1 hour spent on learning about nutrition, imagine how much you would know in a year, thats 365 hours of knowledge. Imagine an hour reading books a day, and holy shit i never realized how valuable books are until i started improving myself, insanely valuable information

learn about meditation, nutrition, fitness, journaling, instant vs delayed gratification

in short, do things that your future self will be grateful you did. Imagine rn, in 10 years, what your future self will be saying about you doing something meaningful. Don’t kid yourself, he would wish that you got into the gym and sculpted an impressive physique those years instead of stimulating your brains with pleasure and dopamine. work so you can be happy long term, not quick hits of dopamine

If you are seeking to improve urself dm me aabraham#9779 i learned a lot about this kinda stuff i can help anyone



This is just like the muscles gamepass in world of magic


message is great 'n all but I don’t think anybody wanted to see you shirtless.
or anybody else for that matter.

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Congrats on your progress my guy :nod:

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well I’ve got no idea in the slightest what’s going on here but good job, I think.

my parents are gonna make me go to the gym this summer so that’s nice (unironically I need it)

somebody said I have the bard build irl and it’s true I can play instrument but I’m frail af

there’s no saving this sweet piece of ass man i’m sorry

ngl too lazy lol

nice job tho

Blasphemy!!! :bangbang:

(fr tho have a good time having better mindsets than us)

good job bro keep it up

stay on your grind bro

will try to keep up myself

i only do legs n abs :smiling_imp:

holy fucking shit my man jacked


just do sports and stay healthy if you don’t wanna work out everyday and get jacked

don’t be a slob!!!

also good shit aab good shit my boy david gone a long way :cold_face:

Exactly, not everyone tryna get a 6 pack and shit, the most important thing is staying in a good body fat % and keeping your heart healthy

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With clothes on ur gonna look like u don’t work out, with clothes ur gonna look like a chicken