Project Recruitment


We are a dev group currently recruiting for a spoof game of sorts on WoM. We are currently looking for devs (mostly builders), if you wanna come, have an invite to the server and ask to join!

Group: Arcanika Dev - Roblox


AO devcord sounds like a good server join it 10/10 :sunglasses:

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i endorse this project

joining out of boredom, prob wont stay

Will join better not have to verfiy

I am now.
Also the chad @StarForDays made Mount Seawatch

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join!!!1 even if you dont want to work on the project its an awesome server pretty active too


yes join its pretie cool server you must join!!1!1

Look at this funny pvp place I made in the gmae. totally very original


I did stuff

haha, see watch

good job at doing stuff.

I finished off Eastern Peninsula

after 3 days as an Arcanika dev, the team are really fun and are really nice when you do something which helps. So far Iā€™m enjoying working on this project.

1 Like do funny chest circle surrounded by lava.

will have to call RB1 to finish project magius

Why? who? what? How?

idk but


What why? NO. where will I go to farm bandit camps easily?

That was 6 months ago (I think), is it still relevant?