Public Nudity

Rule 6 heavy nsfw rule broken.
Screenshot 2022-04-02 130028 wtf


Is that person behind him wearing a mercenary jacket? :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

yeah i know what a nerd…

OMG suspended!1 wd2ausdh aq 1

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why the fuck did i click this
i knew very well what the risks involved with clicking this was yet i clicked it anyways

You might be horny for lego characters i presume?

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i saw new topic and mindlessly clicked ig

You did see the title yes?


Assemble the entire MC army, we must apprehend them at any cost!

I saw this and proceeded to have a HORRIBLE idea (I’ll DM)

Ayo when you are done dm whatever dumb shit you are going to make lol.