PvP Clips Megathread

dash direction prediction

cringe ahh lag made me grab from a mile away

connected the crash and smash combo or something

grabs hitting a mile away again from this godawful ping


praying on my router’s safety as it has been fighting the ping demons for a few days now :pray:

I like the last fight how you used lots of boxing skills at the start to get into the air. But i’d like to recommend using those skills for mobility a bit more, piercing strikes as kirsten and crashes/rushdown as the berserker.

Also, you really like using a rushdown strategy as kirsten.

lmao this is so funny to watch

it’s called i suck at PVP

Rushdown is fun!
It’s fast paced and you don’t really have to aim much, just predict where the other person will be and AOE will take care of the rest! On the flipside, your path might be a bit predictable, but you’ve just gotta know when to throw in some other directions once in a while.

bro everyone is using plasma boxing wtf RAAAA

plesma boxneng is MY thing stop copying me YOU SMELLY IMPOSTERS WAAA!!! :sob: :sob: :rage:

More hp and i tried being aggressive, I feel like it works! (ft. @Desti )

Though please tell me if I did well or if it’s just hard to gauge now

holy shit. i understand the appeal of current top mages now

i wished i can post more, but those clips contain items that are basically unauthorized leaks so this is the only one i can post

Of course it’s with explosion but I guess it makes sense it’s huge

Yeah can’t have potion leaks running around everywhere though
You’re probably trying burning potions too


Nailed it

none of the vids work

mage pvp gameplay on my 3rd iteration of file 2

you’re mid for doing this btw

Dang fire looks super strong, I’m glad I have a warlock with it now

was your ping really so bad that you were able to get weapon skills on a mage

he didnt get the awakening

who wanna 1v1