PvP Clips Megathread

I got two screenshots, it’s not very clear but mine is roughly a cone/cylinder, while yours is moreso a disk.


it looks like ur shooting out spawnpoints

Lucky Spawn - Roblox


i think thats simply what it looks like for savants, mine looks like a disc too

pvp boring asl so im js toxic mid match

“alright…now ill start trying”


Bro no need to expose me like that :sob:

@LeMeepy you really good
my best pvp clip was when I parried a musket m1 and two high attack speed dagger throws in a row

nerf cfist

rate the gatekeeping combo

i gave this file a 2nd chance and had a complete overhaul of gear and im ngl i hate to say it but it feels nicer to use than savant (probably the size :yipee:)