PvP Improvements

PvP in WOM is honestly really subpar at the moment due to a multitude of reasons, so I’ve thought some ideas on how it might be improved.

  1. Lower health regen, it’s honestly busted at the moment, you’re able to get back to full from half in really fast, and in fights between me and some friends, we constantly get back to full after getting hit.

  2. The lower your hp gets the slower you are; I find that it’s basically impossible to kill someone if they dont want to fight you to the bitter end, dont think I’ve ever caught someone in my 50 or so hours of playtime yet.

  3. Stats other than power and defense should have a visible impact at our current level cap; pvp would be way more fun imo if there were builds other than pure power with a side of defense and vice versa. For this, Meta’s scaling suggestion would work perfectly.

I know the current pvp design is based on around level 2000 iirc, but I think these changes would make pvp better across the board, especially at our current very low levels.

Thoughts and ideas anyone?

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i wanna add faster magic regen and faster stamina regen/slower stamina decrease. you run out of those two way too quickly in fights if you unleash a ton of projectiles at once and keep running around, screwing you over. ik its way too early for me to say that and hopefully it will be fixed at higher levels where youre granted more stamina and magic, but its not a bad thought considering combat is too slow because of these 2 stats running out

I like 1 and 3 but getting slower when lower hp is literally death in this game. Once you get low hp you’re dead because if you’re slower they can hit basically every shot making it so you wouldn’t even be able to dodge without using magic high jump. And then once you’re out of magic energy you’re dead.
Overall I like it except for slowness when low hp

I can see it a pain, but I couldnt really think of anything else to combat people being able to escape whenever they want.

Although your suggestions are good I think there should be a long term magic energy bar. In lore magic user strong or weak got tired eventually, but in WoM this just doesn’t happen, you can just keep recharging magic energy and be fine. So there should be a second bar below magic energy that is called magic exhaustion (or something like that). Magic exhaustion would not be able to be charged and instead would just slowly fill over time. Just one or a few spells would not do much to this bar, so killing a few dark wizards would only make the bar go down a little, and by the time you got to some more dark wizards, you would already be charged again but if you were battling someone in pvp it would not have enough time to charge and so it would just keep going down. Once it made it to the bottom you would not be able to use magic anymore for about 3 mins or something. If you tried to use magic while your bar was empty you would faint and basically just be able to be killed. Now you may just think, oh well then my opponent will just run away when their bar is low. So this is where the next step comes in. The more tired you get, the weaker your spells become, so if they tried to run, their jump spell would basically just become a little hop. This would change how people would pvp. This would actually add a defensive playstyle to the game because as of now, you cannot tire out your enemy. He could also add an enchantment that allows you to have more energy in your bar or whatever it is called.


honestly think long-term exhaustion would work, seeing as we generally have lots of downtime between quests/fights, cant really see it being obnoxious unless the numbers are wacky.

also please use spaces between your paragraphs with enter, walls of text are a pain to read.

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Running away from fights is way too easy and blocking is way too irrelevant.

There should be different mechanics for blocking like a shield spell unlocked at lower levels.

For the running away issue i’d suggest to make it so that people have a way to impede someone from just running away from every fight they’re in by making it so we have means to halt them, things like if you hit someone with a blast while they’re running they get stunned or slowed and if you hit them with a placed explosion the destroyed ground beneath it will make it so they have to climb to get out of there, or an item that can slow down enemies and players like a net or something like that.

I feel like the other buffs from gear (ex. magic speed, magic destruction) isn’t that viable, since everything except power, agility and defense only focuses on your magic, not weapons. Some are even worse off, like destruction only being good in certain situations. Maybe change it to a general projectile speed up, projectile size up, and blocks created with destruction dealing damage.

PvP should definitely get looked into a little more. I think 1. would change a lot of things.

Client side pvp just hurts. I don’t know how to fix that, just throwing this out there

take a look at this

i was standing still for like 10 seconds before this btw so it wasnt lag i think

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Thats client side pvp, its very fun (:

I feel like this effect from your post should be directed to the two arenas that is currently aviliable in the map right now : Abandonded Arena and Ancient Collisum. But it can always be in effect throughout the entire map so we can catch those who run away.

I think the main issue is lack of move variety. Vetex should hire an animations artist can come up with some unique moves to each magic. Right now all the moves are re-skins of other magics. E.g long range attack, AoE, stun, mobility (like league of legends or Blox Fruit sorta stuff)

PvP is client sided so it can get pretty cancerous

Perhaps there could be some kind of movement-impairing spell added, like a snare spell. Maybe this would be unneeded because of status effects like freezing, but I think it would be a good way to allow all magic users to stop their opponents in their tracks.

Trap spells are probably planned in Mastery Tier.

It should be like how stamina is, where it regens fast out of combat but in combat, much slower. Combat should also last longer in this case, as currently it’s very short.

I like this! An amazing idea

If a fight goes on for a while, you are going to get tired anyway in real life. It wouldn’t really be necessary.