PVP Is Going In The Wrong Direction

Oh unless of course you’re trying to copy the Rouge Lineage community, in which case business is boomin’

Being evil has been incentivized since bosses came out, and now guilds are only worth something if they can kill the most amount of noobs. I can’t fish anymore, I have best in slot gear for power and defense and guess what it’s worthless against a gank.

I feel like the nearly 100 hours I’ve put into my main for her stats have been completely wasted because I got 6 shot by a bow, and he dodged all of my attacks, I couldn’t dodge a single one of his.

If I’m not specifically grinding for anything I feel that it’s more beneficial to both me and my guild that I stay logged out, I’ll repeat, I am incentivized to not play the game because of the way PVP currently works.

I don’t have any answers or solutions or suggestions on how to fix this, I’m honestly just complaining. Have fun in the replies.


I pretty much agree with you

but lol, I see people make this mistake a lot (just in general)

Yea, and if you’re in guild but dont want to rk it’s even worse. Now I either hide in servers with no players or just not play at all because I’m worried about lowering my guild’s infamy. It really sucks that this update generally incentivises many people to not play unless necessary

This summarizes how I feel about the update perfectly, honestly.
If you play the game, you get ganked and lose crowns, if you play the game and already have a guild, you’re still screwed.
If you want to play the game casually, well then you’re really screwed.

PvP should be completely optional in all aspects of the main game, official tournaments should obviously force pvp because duh, but those are community events.
I shouldn’t be forced to be an asshole to everybody I see if I want to progress whatever guild I’m part of, that’s dumb and if anybody agrees with it then they should feel dumb.


Im sorry…

fax facts fax

bow does 105 damage a hit, if I killed you in 6 shots you were likely running a glass cannon build which arent good for pvp, try use a tankier build

Max Bow with no Enchantments or Max Bow with Strong?

just play loomian legacy, its very mild
yes i am playing that recently, new event

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Hey Orion since you main the bow which bow do you use?



what you got shot by 3 people at once while immobilized?

L get good ezzzzzz

Any bow except crossbow. They all have equal stats. Crossbow has garbage dps due to the low fire speed.

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that’s so true

it is kind of annoying with pvp because it feels like if you want to pvp theres only one build you can go and then it just feels boring, other than that as much as i hate to say it you actually have to be good at the game to pvp

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Imagine being attacked by players, or even seeing players. Couldn’t be me.

All jokes aside, people are rioting about this, and I think Vetex really needs to do something.

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Ok thanks for the tip

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Something isn’t adding up here

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Branch bow is best bow rn, not equal stats

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Literally couldn’t agree more. The game has stopped being fun because you’ll just be minding your own business when suddenly 3 people jump you out of nowhere and you lose half your crowns. It sucks.

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I wasn’t aware at the time, but the build I was using was apparently a glass cannon, when I say best in slot for both stats I don’t mean a single set that can do it all, I mean I have 2 sets of gear one for power and one for defense, they give me the highest possible values of either stat. At the time I was using my power set which gives me a little over 100 power. I had roughly 700 hp, 6 shots did slightly over 600 damage, the bleed did the rest.