PVP revamp and Balancing changes

Pvp needs a revamp and balance because of how many players can get a Whole setup of Bursting Items that can give the most amount of attack range they can to just spam attacks in the middle of combat instead of actually using skill and aiming their attacks to win the fight. It is instead just Getting your attacks to be the biggest they can in hopes of hitting the enemy or target to win the fight instead of using skill and trying to play the game as it would need. This style of PVP makes it incredibly unenjoyable to play and even down right unplayable at end game where you will get attacked by an opponent and they will simply win because its more of a matter of just pure AOE than actuall skill or the amount of damage that is needed to kill another player. This type of PVP spam used by most players are the reason why the game population has sharply declinced and PVP between players who rather rely on AOE that actual tangible skill.

In conclusion the PVP system needs a revamp when it comes to AOE and the bursting stat as a whole to make PVP more skill orientated rather than just pressing buttons on your keyboard and the attack hitting the entire arena.

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do you have any specific suggestion to fix this or did you come to complain

yknow thats the whole point of attack size

to increase their attack size

what else do you think it’s supposed to do

wow I wonder what attack size is for! Huh? It increases AOE!?!?!? NERF IT VETEX OR BAD DEV!!!

he may have a point

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lol vind aoe is ridiculous like y T-T

the vindi nerfs are not real

in conclusion youre fodder gg

Did you think of blocking their attacks or using grabs to interrupt them?

True that though. Damn vindicator aoe! It doesn’t even match the actual effects!

Bro yes visual don’t even match the hit box

while visuals might not match or lag and/or desync might make stuff to look bigger than they are, there are a lot more problems than bursting and attack size

if a system were put in place where more attack size would also decrease your damage dealt, that may help to nerf the people who do nothing but slap on attack size and land attacks from a distance that’s half the size of the munera arena

Nah that would suck, ik this is probably not possible but maybe a system where further out in say the aoe that we saw in the clip, it would lose damage, where as near the center of the attack it would do the same as usual. Idk how things work

my main concern is in people being able to make attacks the size of an entire island that deals thousands of damage later on

Yeah the scaling should accommodate for that but it can always be fine tuned, or maybe your idea buy only at higher stat amounts, or the opposite of how scaling works in that it starts gradually and ends ramping quickly.

I dont make games (i wish) so anythiny I say could be wrong

Don’t tell anyone, but I think it might be because the game hasn’t updated in 3 months. :shushing_face:


It’s still just really jarring though. Like, what’s the point of telegraphing where the attack is when it doesn’t even show the entirety of it? It’s just so weirdly inconsistent. Not really a problem though.

Honestly, just remove attack size as a stat from armor (IMO)

this is a certified vindicator classic