PvP Tierlist based on how giga chad you are

Entirely opinion based, please do not bash me in the head for putting your magic in a low tier, it’s my only head and I need it.
Note: This is for solo magic, no extra combos from other magics, and no weather effects.
There is no specific order.

What makes a magic “giga chad”:
Underused or worse version of another magic.
Useless or unreliable special effect.
Moderate-low damage.


I mean i do use both wood and sand but since I’m planning to use sand first and then unlock wood as my second or just make a wood alt i guess im like ultra sigma chad

pretty based tierlist

water needs to go to nerd tier, its a meta magic and the best one in the game so its not based
sand fits way better than water

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mostly correct but water is far too high. personally i like water but it’s a meta magic used by people who think they’re better at the game than they are. it’s basically on par with shadow


and such is why i think that acid and ink more based than water. acid just because it has lower stats that require skill, and ink because it is underutilized

Damn, I was unaware that water was part of the meta.


least based magic in the game



extremely based list

Welp, guess I am a nerd


I find this funny as light was the singular only magic that I used. Most recently, I’ve added a gold file to farm for boss drops. Now, gold and light are the only magics I use at the moment ;-;

Nerd!1! :joy:


i use every magic therefore i am both gigachad and nerd!

I like that Ice is high up.
Not so sure about the requirements to be high up on the tier list though.


What about weapon specialists who only use magic to support themselves, like reinforcement magic, and speed boosts, mobility, maybe some stuns.

Water should not be gigachad