Pvp tips for mage

I need tips for how to fight sabre/triasta as a mage, I really haven’t seen those archetypes enough.

Also, for warlocks, like crystallock? i mostly pvp friends but i’m seeing more people due to a tournament going on.

I take tips not give them :skull: Hopefully these people can give u tips tho, I’d like to see em as well.

Yeah I’m here also to get tips from people.

Mhm, this is a good place. I’d recommend reading through the stuff, doesn’t tell much about fighting other classes, but it could be helpful to u.

I tried rushdown mage and added more health for it
Good idea or not?
I felt like fighting aggressive strategies with aggressive strategies. Fire fighting fire.

I swear 1.8k is genuinely really nice now

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In my experience fighting fire with fire just led to me getting burned. (Mostly Crystal Leg Lock)

Now i’m convinced mage is kind of unusable in this meta.


i was shredded on my warrior by a fire mage (though it was uk i mightve done a lot better on usw)
they seemed to be able to flick really quickly, and i find that hitting close shots is really easy if you zoom in a bunch and also use shiftlock

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Or alt lock but I see.

Considering I have wind though I’m probably more suited for zoning.

im still calling it shiftlock :100:

Rushdown mage gets out-rushdowned by the dedicated rushdown class, AKA beserker. If you like rushdown i’d recommend going beserker

Why do you think alot of “Mage has problems” posts have been poping up?

Might as well just progress sailor-light build once potions drop and then main that instead.

I have Adhd, I have problems paying attention.

Don’t we all…



Though I still wonder if now is a good time to progress my new file, who will use sailor style and light magic, or my other warlock with fire and iron leg.

FS build and FS related builds are going to be amazing next update since they were already good, but now everything is nerfed and they get extra buffs

A mage is all about making sure you’re at a safe distance to hit your opponent with attacks while being out of range of their own arsenal, so I recommend having some agility in your build to help with being more mobile in combat.